Friday, 17 February 2017

Todorov's 5-Part Narrative Formula


Todorov is a Bulgarian/French historian, literature critic, philosopher and sociologist. In 1996 he created a theory which he believed to be able to be applied to any film. He was convinced that all films followed the same narrative pattern.

The following where the 5 stages of his theory:
  1. state of equilibrium - where everything is as it should be
  2. disruption of the equilibrium through an event in the film
  3. recognition by the characters that there has been a disruption
  4. An attempt to repair the disruption
  5. reinstatement of the equilibrium
In our music video we have a clear state of the equilibrium, where our male and female protagonist are still happy, having a smoothie together during the summer. Whereas there then is a disruption of the equilibrium later on when they fight. Often in music videos there aren't the full 5 parts of equilibrium and therefore our music video only contains 2 parts. 

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