Saturday, 11 June 2016

MVid EG2: Alan Walker - Faded


Artist: Alan Walker
Track: Faded
Release: 2015

The music video by Alan Walker for his song Faded is a great example of how important it is to do location scouting for our own Music Video. The genre for this song is EDM - Electronic Dance Music. 

Throughout the music video we can see several abandoned places. The location is also the main strength of this video and is the key feature that makes the music video special.

The video shows a young man roaming with his backpack and a paper photograph of his home in his hand.  He is in a completely abandoned neighborhood with buildings that are destroyed. This connotes that a major destruction, maybe war, has hit the area and that he is now trying to find the house that is on the picture. The lyrics keep saying “Where are you now”, which connotes that he is looking for his parents or a friend. In this case the lyrics therefore link together with the visual, (Andrew Goodwin theory on 6 features in a music video) which is what we would like to do for our music video.

As mentioned above, location is key in order to get a good music video. Bronwen and I intend to go location scouting during our summer holiday. We don't want to focus on one location but have a large variety. However, we both really liked this type of location and is possible might try to film our artist/band in such a location.

Furthermore in this video, the actor is using something like fireworks to light up the room that he is in. We think it would be a very good idea to either have elements of fire or fireworks in our music video.


  1. Location was the main strength of the 2016 IGS vid:

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  3. Its useful if you do blog any evidence of scouting, even if a place you visited didn't seem right. That IS part of your production process, so evidence it to gain credit!


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