Thursday, 9 June 2016

Welcome to my blog!

Hi my name is Sophie and welcome to my A2 media blog, which will be dedicated to my A2-Level Media Studies.  

Last year, I created a film opening in a group of 3 for the AS-Level Course. This is the film opening we created called "Cross-Cut":

My skillset developed a lot throught the year; I became more detailed on how to write posts, I learned a lot about the different technologies that we used to film our film opening and I discovered a whole new interest of mine that I did not know existed. I enjoyed blogging a lot during the AS year and this year I am sure that it will be even better at it and develop further. If you have any interest for visiting my AS Media Studies blog, just use this link

This year I am back with one of my group members from last year, Bronwen Vaughan, and we will be attacking the year by creating our own Music Video, Website and Digipak
My ambition for this year, is to complete my coursework and exam with a good grade and improve on my weaknesses from last year. I intend to work more on my evaluation questions and do more research into genre and audience. In general, I want to create and produce a really good coursework that Bronwen and I will both be proud of. 

There are 5 key lessons/things that Bronwen and I decided to do differently this year compared to last year: 

  1. Start earlier with our coursework 
  2. Do more location scouting 
  3. Do more research into genre and audience
  4. Use more technology and get to know the camera better e.g. focus pull 
  5. Plan it more out with the use of storyboards, call sheets etc.


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