Thursday, 16 June 2016

MVid EG4: Bring Me The Horizon - True Friends



Artist: Bring Me The Horizon
Track: True Friends
Release: 2015

The first shot in the video suggests that the girl is  the central protagonist or the victim. The rule of thirds is applied, since she is centered in the middle of the frame.
She isn't overly glamourous with heavy make-up but anyway there is a slight element of male gaze. Also, there are several shots of her where she is centrally framed in a medium close-up, which is what Goodwin would call star image, one of the 6 fearures of a music video. 

The sepia effect in this shot, is often used to signify a flashback and her empty look in her eyes suggests that she is thinking of something. 

The location in this video is key. The entire set-up of the instruments and the mic being attached to a cable makes it realistic. In case Bronwen and I would create a rock music vid we would try to get instruments out somewhere where we are filming in a location that you don't see everyday by walking down the street. 

The editing changes quite dramatically all of a sudden when the beat drops to represent the change in pace in the track.

Panning accross photogrpahs is helping to establish the narrative. He is a cop, and one case might have horrorfied him so much that he became a slob and quit his job. Also the picture in the middle is of 3 family members. However, we don't see the mother so she might be dead. The mise-en-scene is telling the story in this vid.

In this video, there is a special effect, which you can also add using Final Cut Pro. It is called earthquake and it is a sonic wave coming out to emphasise the vibration from the song. It could be used when focusing on the base drum of the drum kit. 

There is a used of letterboxing making the shot smaller. It becomes quite cinematric through the cinema widescreen. As the pace slows down, the takes are much longer. The use of long held non-diegetic string notes almost sounds like wind, creating drama. 

Writing on the wall or using spray to write on the wall is a very good technique. The sentences "I'm afraid you asked for this" and "How Dare You" is also linking together with the lyrics. So when the singer sings these lyrics that's what you see on the wall. Using pictures as well creates realism.

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