Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Website EG 2 - ALT-J

The website for ALT-J is a very minimalistic website. The design doesn't really fit with the genre of the band. The band is a rock band, however the design screams of a dance genre due to the bright colours of blue and pink rather than darker colors such as dark blue, black etc. 

When hovering over the ALT-J it turns into color rather than the letters being written in dark grey. This is a nice design feature, because it adds a bit more color to the website, which is good since it i very minimalist. 

This time there are 5 links. The links list LIVE would allow you to highlight how the industry is changing and how acts is relying more and more on ticket sales. The links are all useful because they include merchandise, the live links list, the news, the music and the sign-up. The sign up links list is where you get marketing for albums, special editions tour tickets... 
For some sign up you have to pay and you have to give your email address 

Good side is that you get specific offers only on the website which aren't published on their social media either. 

Compared to, they have more social media accounts such as Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter along with SoundCloud and their YouTube Channel and Spotify, which allow them to share what they are doing and again reach their audience fast. 

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