Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Website EG4 - You Me At Six

This webpage is a good example for how our website shouldn't look. It is a quite disorganised website, since there are no links lists to either home, store etc. At the beginning I thought that this was an unofficial website, however after searching for You Me at Six website again, I concluded that this was their official website. As a fan of the band, I wasn't happy about this website. I had never visited the website, since I mainly follow them on their social media rather looking at their website. Due to the fact that their social media is quite popular and organised I was astonished and also slightly disappointed to see their website.

However two things that were good about the website was that first of all, it showed the music video to their latest song "Night People", and again there were three social media links and also a link to merchandise with the ident of a shopping cart.

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