Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Website EG3 - The 1975

Instead of going directly to the home page you get a splash page, which gives the audience the opportunity to immediately see their new music video and see the newest updates from the band. 

The splash page shows a wider grasp of technology, and would be a good element to imply on our website once we create it. 

The links are really clever on the splash page, because of the fact that these include all of the pages that the audience can buy their music on. It has a link for Vinyl, CD, Spotify and iTunes and also includes a link to their merchandise and their tickets. 

However, the colors on the splash page are really pale, the light pink that goes against the white background, doesn't work very well. And also, the colors again, for the same with ALT-J, don't fit the genre of the band, since it is a rock band and has used very bright pink. 

There are 9 links list on the website page , which is too many links list, and some audiences might not want to stay on the webpage because of so many links lists. Also, you don't see the symbol or the logo of the 1975 band in the banner at the top of the website, which is not very good. If it is not in the banner it should have been at the bottom.

The assumption of the webpage is that it is teen friendly, due to the Pinterest kind of style and design. If the section had been shorter it would have been very good, however it is a bit too big and long.

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