Monday, 12 December 2016

Call Sheet

This is the call sheet I created for our music video. I decided to do it a lot in depth, since this was one of my main targets this year - to do the call sheet better and be more organised in order to get a larger variety of shots. Personally, I believe that we were successfull with this task, since I brought the call sheets everytime we had a shoot. This allowed us to look exactly at what we had planned out and what we had filmed so far and hadn't filmed yet. With the simple use of color coding with blue for performance, yellow for narrative and orange for other events that required special equipment such as the balloon scene, we were always up to date on what to bring and what to film. 

I also believe that the call sheet contributed to the fact that it took us less time to film on the spot compared to last year, where we first had to discuss the shots on the scene of the filming. Furthermore, the amount of technology used on all the days of the shoots was great. We used 3 SONY Cameras and positioned them differently, 3 tri-pods, 1 Go-Pro and Kristian's Drone to film some drone footage. However, the drone footage was mainly for mise-en-scene purposes. 

I wanted to do this post after our shoot, in order to reflect on the effectiveness of the call sheet and what I definitely have improved on from last year. 

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