Thursday, 8 December 2016


Here are some ruff idea of what the first idea is for the digipak. The front cover is of the singer holding an umbrella which is intertextuality to the real album that we are creating a digipak for where the logo is an umbrella the location of the band im not sure where to place but in this design it is on the right next to the medium close up shot of the singer with just the initials of the band (BMTH).

The back will have a long shot of the singer standing in a tunnel with the sun hitting the camera creating lens flare, The name of the songs in the album will be in the center going down the back. The font is not yet final we will do more research on that in a later post as well as the costume the singer will be wearing in the picture.

When you open the digipak there will be pictures of the band members in different locations with different filters on the picture. In the border of each picture there will be the initials of the band (BMTH). The CD will be in-between the covers so we can have a separate design for the cover. The costumes the band members will be wearing will also be experimented with but will be of the same concept as the performance shoot.

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