Monday, 12 December 2016

Production Schedule UPDATE 3

This is the 3rd update of the production schedule I created and updated. It includes the tasks that we have completed so far, and the ones which are still to be completed. I always like to use color coding since it gives me a great overview of what still needs to be done. Unfortunately there is a big gap between the last task from November and the tasks in December. However, this is due to firstly difficult of coordination of the group and meeting up, since we all live in different parts of the country. 
Furthermore, we have been focusing on setting up the digipack, logo, website and our social media accounts, which we are each individually in charge of. Bronwen is in charge of our Instagram, Kristian and I are in charge of our Website and I am in charge of our Twitter. The Facebook page is something we split between the three of us. 

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