Friday, 9 December 2016

KO: FOOTAGE: Narrative Rough Cut

This is a very rough cut of the narrative. There is still a lot of editing still to do this was just to get feedback on what was good and what can be improved on. 

  • Before music starts edit to the beat
  • Remove shaky footage
  • Might use layering (0:18)
  • Use layering where one half of the screen is empty/out of focus
  • Experiment with filters
  • Don't have female protagonist on screen for to long, might ruin the immersion 
  • Experiment with having two of the same person on screen (eg 0:28 have him stand next to himself)
  • Shot the drop through editing
  • Intertextuality to Blair Witch Project at 0:23
  • The singer is not glamorized and due to this audience can identify 

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