Friday, 2 December 2016

Podcast 9

This is our 9th weekly podcast. 



Welcome to our 9th weekly podcast. This week we each looked at our sample footage that we have filming over the past 3 weeks. Bronwen and I edited some footage and in our group of 3 we concluded that we need to shoot some more footage of the narrative, to show more of the relationship between the female and male protagonist. Furthermore, we looked at the digipack this week and decided that we should do individual photoshoots for each member of the band. Kristian also worked on our website to get it up and running. We decided to split the work between us by having Kristian and me looking at the website, Bronwen doing our band’s Instagram and Facebook and I will be running our Twitter account.
Next week we will shoot our color powder scene, which is going to be the audience interaction in our music video. Also, we intend to film the missing narrative scenes and work more on blogging on digipack, merchandising, audience and website.

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