Friday, 16 December 2016


On the website we have created a bunch of links so it is easy to navigate through the website. Through research we found out that the most common amount of links to different pages on the website is 6 and so we created 6 links as well. The links we have are BMTH (Home Page), Merch (Shop), Tour (Upcoming tours), Gallery, The Band (Info on band members), and News (new videos we upload and other info).

We decided to go for the work Merch instead of Merchandise or Shop because Merch is more appropriate for our audience. We also have links above the page links, these are links to different sites such as social media. The links are to Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Spotify. We will add a Facebook link later as we couldn't create the link on the school system.

Instead of having a HOME button we went for BMTH instead. The reason for this is because this was used in other websites of this genre such as Bullet For My Valentine. 

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