Friday, 9 December 2016

Podcast 10



Welcome to our 10th weekly podcast. This week we had our mock exam, so besides looking more at sample footage, there was mainly revision going on. Also, we didn’t manage to shoot the color powder scene, due to a lack of actors showing up. Hence we will try to film it on the 20th of December. This week, we intend to create a full rough cut 1 with the narrative and performance together. I suggested that we for each week Friday create a rough cut, which we take turns on creating each week. Therefore this week it is my turn to edit rough cut 1. Also, we then intend to film audience feedback every week, in order to be able to provide evidence of our journey. This week we will be looking at our website and the creating of our merchandise. Furthermore, Bronwen will be creating our logo, which we will then photoshop and put up on our social media. I will be updating our production schedule and creating a post on call sheets and our social media.

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