Thursday, 1 December 2016

KO: Performance shoot problems

This video shows a few of the shots we filmed for performance. These shots are shots that we can't use because there are either cameras in the background or the footage is to shaky.

  • The first clip the camera is clearly visible and the camera isn't to shore where to focus. We do have footage from this angle where these problems are fixed. 
  • The second clip the footage is to shaky and the camera is tilted which in some cases could work to get a message across but in this situation it doesn't work.
  • The third shot was filmed with a drone and therefor was hard to film with when I was the only one with experienced with flying but I am in the band. The problem was that one of the band members are hard to see and the drone moved which resulted in cropping out half of the other band member.
  • The last shot was filmed with a GoPro. Most of the GoPro footage can be used but this shot is to shaky.

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