Friday, 27 January 2017

Audience Feedback 3: Throne Rough Cut 3

This is some other audience feedback that we got from our Y10's in the school. It was of good use for us as well as a good preparation for them starting Year 11 in September.

Some main points that they mentioned include:
  • Too many still tri-pod shots
  • Good choice of actors
  • Mainly they argued that the audience could be between 16-23
  • Bad lip sync
  • Flashback colour effect "Dream" makes it look unreaslistic
  • Good Drumming and Guitar
  • Colour powder was good at the speed it was at
  • Break up and fight was easy to determine but other narrative wasn't
  • Convincing
  • Good shot vareity
  • good locations
  • convincing actors
  • looked real 

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