Friday, 20 January 2017


At the moment we have a 2 iPhone cases and 4 T-Shirts as merchandise for our merch shop. To expand on this here are some more ideas of what we hope to add to the store.

Ring: We think having a ring with the band logo on it will be a unique merch as not a lot of bands sell the. The ring will resemble that of a collage ring with a flat top so the logo can be placed.
Dog tags: Dog tag Jewellery is very common among rock bands and so we thought they would be a good addition to our store. The design at the moment is the letters BMTH going down the tag. We might create more designs as we go along. 

Baby merch: As BMTH have been around for many years, people that have been a fan for a long time might have children and therefor baby/child merch is very popular. The merch will be the same as the T-shirts just in baby clothes. 

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