Friday, 6 January 2017

Podcast 12



Hello everyone and welcome to our 12th weekly podcast after the Christmas holidays. During the holidays our group talked a lot to each other and we decided that we wanted to change our track. We came to the conclusion that it was really hard to edit to the song “Follow You”, especially because it wasn’t as fast paced as a usual rock song. Also, after some audience feedback we discovered that our narrative idea wasn’t clear unless we had told the audience the story beforehand. Therefore, we sat down and talked about changing the track to another BMTH song. We didn’t want to change the artist since we thought that we had spent too much time and effort on creating website, digipack and social media accounts in order to throw all the work away and start from the beginning. We will create a new narrative story and also re-shoot performance in different locations than the skate park. I will do a pitch, that will explain everything in detail next week.

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