Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Group Pitch 2


Today I will be pitching our idea for our new music video. Last week we decided to change the track, due to finding that our track “Follow You”, was to slow to edit too. Back when we chose the song, we thought that we had a secure idea and that it would be fast to edit, however we kept having trouble editing to the beat, which also resulted in us not having a full cut before Christmas.
Because we have already done so much work on website, merchandise and setting up social media accounts for Bring Me The Horizon, we quickly concluded that we should only change the track and not the artist. Hence, we have chosen a track called “Throne”, which is also from BMTH “That’s The Spirit” album.
During our last performance shoot, we experienced some issues, because we had the camera in some shots and then we also didn’t have enough shot variety. Despite the fact that we thought it was enough, it quickly changed once trying to edit it together. Therefore, we will focus on getting as much footage as we possibly can this time. Furthermore, one of the band members lived really far away and this was one of the reasons that he said that he did not wish to be part of the new performance shoot for the new music video. He will most likely be replaced by one of our other classmates, however if this isn’t possible, we will only have 4 band members.
So, for the performance shoot in the new music video, we intend to film in other places. We didn’t like the place that we had in the skate park, since we thought that the colours were to bright. Also, another classmate used this location for her music video and we found that the location was much more fitting for her music video and track than for ours.
One of the locations will be set in the woods. This has been inspired by the band twenty-one pilots and their music video for their song “Ride”. We thought this would be more fitting for the location since it is more ominous than the colourful skate park, and also matches up better with the lyrics for our new track.
We will be using most of the same band members as we did last time, Oli on keyboard, Kristian on bass or lead guitar, Wayne as the singer, Euan or Alex from the auditions as the drummer and then we haven’t decided for the lead guitar yet. However, after last time we got feedback on their costumes and it was concluded that we need to change the drummer’s look. We will try and find him a leather jacket and give him more tattoos if we use Euan. However, we have been thinking about using Alex, because he has a beard and dark hair and also look older and more suitable for the rock genre.  For the keyboarder, we thought that his style was too simple and so we might also give him more tattoos, style his hair differently and give him another T-Shirt to wear.
The narrative for our new music video has also changed. This time we will have the couple fight in the music video and split up after having shown a sequence of the couple being happy. This is because in our last audience feedback we were told that it was a little bit complicated to understand the story if you had not been told it before watching the music video. Therefore, we intend to make the linear narrative more clear. In terms of cast we will use our lead singer Wayne as the male protagonist and Emilie from our school that we also used in our last music video as our female protagonist.
For our first music video we had the idea of a bathtub scene, based on the music video from the band Panic at the Disco for their song “This is Gospel”. We thought it was a nice effect to film under water and this time our track has lyrics that would link with shooting under water.
When the lead singer sings: I was an ocean, lost in the open”, we intend to film in a pool, where he falls into the pool backwards or we film underwater as he falls in. Also, we will have a running sequence of our male protagonist, which is inspired by the music video for the song Hunger of the Pine by Alt-J. With this running sequence we want to connote the singer being confused about his relationship and running to think about it and run away from his problems.

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