Thursday, 12 January 2017

GIF in music video


For our new track, there is a part where the lead inger sings: "So you can throw me to the wolves tomorrow I will come back leader of the whole pack". 
We thought that it would look amazing if we included a wolf in the music video. The wolf is a symbol of dominance since it is such a prestigious animal but also of guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit. It is quite fitting for this music video, because the album of the song is "That's the Spirit" and is a lot about spirit and how you can convey negative thoughts into positive ones. This would also establish a link between visuals and lyrics (Goodwin

We have two different opportunities to add the wolf into the music video. One of them would be to have a GIF in the music video, however this would be less use of technology and the GIF would have to be a bit longer than usual unless we layer it well into it. The reason why I thought of the GIF is because it would be easier than creating an animation of a wolf and would also be more real looking than if I would create an animation. 

These are some of the GIF's I found at, mainly on a website called Best Animations:

This is one, where I really liked due to the snow effect, but also because it shows the wolf from a bigger distance in it's entire prestige and power.
This GIF would be perfect for layering, because it features the wolf on the side so we sould layer it well. Also, it is close-up of the wolf's face, which is what particularly caught my attention. 
This GIF, only features the teeth of the wolf and should therefore if being used, appear later in the music video so that the audience knows it is a wolf. It could however also appear in the beginning and make it more mysterious.
This GIF is different because it zooms in on the wolf until it is extreme close-up of the wolf's face. This GIF allows the audience to see the wolf's face in it's entirety and would therefore be useful. There is also the snow effect on it again, which is also an effect I really like. 

The other opportunity would be to include an animation that I would create myself, via an animation software. In case I would decide to create an animation myself I would use "Express Animate" as the program. 

Download here:

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