Sunday, 15 January 2017

Practice Video: Throne

After having decided to do a new track, "Throne", Kristian and I did a practice shoot with the new band members to check the location, mise-en-scene of costumes and instruments, tattoos etc. We thought it would be a good idea to try out, so that we knew exactly what to do on the day of the "real" shoot. Some main points we picked up on included:
  • Our lead guitarist had glasses on to see if it would look better with or without, however after a while we decided he should not wear any glasses, since it looked better and also fits the genre more. 
  • The costume of our keyboarder was to similar to the costume of our leadsinger (T-Shirt, Jacket) and therefore we decided to give him a similar look to the keyboarder and guitarist from the official BMTH band
  • Another thing we did was position the music equipment (e.g. amps) a bit differently compared to the practice video 
  • During the practice video, we used two different types of cameras: SONY A58 and Kristian's camera, which is a CANON EOS 70D. After having looked at the footage in Final Cut Pro, we quickly realised that there was a difference in quality between the two cameras and therefore we decided to use the canon camera on the "real" shoot, since the footage was better quality
  • We also brought a GoPro to the "real" shoot compared to the practice shoot to film some extreme-close-up footage of the guitar's
Below you can find some footage of the different costume of the keyboarder and the differences in glasses with and without. 

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