Friday, 27 January 2017

Podcast 15



Hello everyone and welcome back to our 15th weekly podcast. This week we filmed our full performance part for our music video, which worked really well. We had great lighting and managed to get a lot of good shot variety for our music video. Also, Kristian and I filmed our narrative, which consists of the couple scenes and the running sequence. Another part of the narrative is some underwater footage of our lead singer, which Kristian and I filmed with a waterproof GoPro in a pool. I have edited a sequence of 2min and 8 seconds together this week and have for each 40-50 seconds uploaded the rough cut to YouTube so that I can evidence the journey of our music video. By next week we will also try to get a nearly final rough cut 1 so that we can get some good audience feedback in case we would need to re-shoot something. We will by the end of January also visit a green screen room here in Luxembourg, where we will get some further footage of our lead guitarist, bass guitarist and lead singer. Furthermore, we intend to shoot our female protagonist burning some pictures of her and the male protagonist.

After having gotten some really useful audience feedback today that I can use when I am editing the rest of rough cut 1, I expect to have a full rough cut by next week Friday after we have visited the green screen room and have the final footage.

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