Friday, 13 January 2017

Podcast 13



Hello everyone and welcome back to our 13th weekly podcast. This week Kristian worked a lot on our Digipack in order to get it done for today. Kristian and I worked on getting the website up and running. I worked on the band bibliography and the texts that go onto the website, while Kristian focused on the news, and the gallery links lists. Also, I tried to set up our album and upload all the tracks of BMTH album. In the beginning we found it really difficult but after a while I figured out how to do it and decided to create a tutorial on it which is up on my blog.

Unfortunately Bronwen and I have been ill, so when we haven’t been there Kristian has focused his lessons on exam preparation, media language and working on website and digipack. Next week we will be filming the performance and narrative for our new music video for the track “Throne”. However we will change the band, since we feel that there isn’t any more time to waste and not all band members were available next week so we might change 2-3 band members such as the lead guitar and the drummer.

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