Thursday, 20 October 2016

MVid EG 1: Asking Alexandria - Here I Am


Artist: Asking Alexandria
Release: 2016

This is Asking Alexandria music video for their track "Here I Am". I decided to analyse this music video as a genre specific music video, because they are the same genre as Bring Me The Horizon and are a bit similar to the band in terms of mise-en-scene in music videos and costume style. 

On the top left you can see a picture of the band members from BMTH, whereas below it you can see a picture of Asking Alexandria. The band's look a bit different now, with some of the band members from BMTH having shorter hair and a beard, which is what we have based our choice of costume and band members on. 

In this music video the band members are all wearing tight black skinny jeans that are either ripped or not. Also 4 of them are wearing a black T-Shirt or black Tank Top with a V-Neck, whereas the drummer isn't wearing a T-Shirt at all. This little form of clothing also highlights their many tattoos to the audience, which is one of the common costume conventions of rock bands. Most of them also have long black hair, which links in well with Bring Me The Horizon's lead singer. Our costume has been inspired by a lot of bands but Asking Alexandria and BMTH themselves are definitely where our main inspiration has come from. 

Another thing that I liked about this video was the location. The location, as you can see above, for the performance was a wide field, with a view over some mountains. This is a good location, because it allowed the focus to be on the band. We intend to use the woods or a barn for our music video, but if we can't find that, a location like a field would also be a good option. 

However, one thing that this band hasn't done, which we intend to do, is to have cables of the instruments plugged into the guitars, bass guitar and our keyboard. Ofcourse we also intend to have a microphone with a cable, because we believe this would help to the contribution of achieving versimilitude

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  1. I haven't spotted any comments on editing - pace, use of crosscutting, shot variation - other than some on SFX in your EG posts, another simple point you can add to a few


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