Friday, 21 October 2016

MVid EG9: Naughty Boy ft. Beyoncé - Runnin'


This music video isn't linked into our genre, however there was one element, which we really liked, which was the underwater footage. 

Throughout a big part of the music video for Runnin', there is a couple which is being filmed underwater and we believe that this element would look good in our music video. 

UPDATE: In the new song we chose, the leadsinger sings "I was an ocean lost in the open", so we think this would fit even better in now that it has more of a clear link to the video. Andrew Goodwin would suggest that we have included one of the 7 typical features of a music video, which is a clear link between visuals and lyrics. This is what we will create, a clear link between visuals and lyrics.

This particular shot is what we intend to include in our own music video, because we want our audience to have an overview of the entire actors body drifiting in the water, with the water taking up more space than the actual actor. This connotes that the singer feels so small and that there is nothing he can do, because he will just keep drifting and is drowning in his own sorrows, which are signified by the water around him. 

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  1. Many of these posts are short, including this one - try to pick out some additional points you can illustrate with a single screenshot


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