Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Practice Video 1 - Evaluation

This is the evaluation that we did in class of our video and the process in making it:

  • Production schedule not held - Take care of that for the final project, make sure that everyone, crew and cast, is available at the time you note down on the production schedule. Change cast if the cast if never available.
  • Shaky camera footage - 2 cameras set up 1 with a tri-pod and one hand-held. There needs to be fluid hand-held camera if any.
  • Framing - don't crop of any of the head.
  • Shooting - Shoot the same scene from several angles, so that you have a good variaty and choice to take from when editing.
  • Pre-filming - so that the cast knows exactly what to do on the day of the actual filming. Advantage, because it saves you a lot of time.
  • Props - organise them well in advance, order them it advance, e.g. color powder.
  • Color Correction  
  • A good practice video, considering the amount of time we had 
  • Good shot variety 
  • Costume: Bronwen was wearing the same, she needs to change costume to signifie that it wasn't all filmed in one day. 
  • Lip-syncing - Some parts of the lip-syncing were off 
  • Actor shouldn't have worn glasses, would have looked better without
  • Watch out for automatic focus pulls while filming.  
  • Gender Countertype of girl holding the boy instead of the boy holding the girl.

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