Monday, 17 October 2016

Sample Scene 1

This is a practice video/sample scene that Kristian and I filmed with the band on the 16th in order to get some footage for our sample scene and try out different locations. We also wanted to try out different positions for the band members, in order to see who would fit the different instruments best and ofcourse fit and get the role of the leadsinger. 

Despite using social media to advertise and having auditions, it has been quite a challenge to find people who can play an instrument and who wanted to take part in the project. Therefore, we decided to go for 5 people, who we thought, looked suitable for the role, with some change in costume for the real filming ofcourse. 

Since this was only a practice, we didn't have all 5 band members there, we didn't have all the instruments either and we didn't spend time on doing make-up since we wanted to focus on the set-up first. Also, not all members knew the lyrics, which means that it was hard to focus a lot on lip-syncing when I edited this. 

I did however, try to use two different video effects. First of all, i wanted to see how it would look with the video effect, but it was also quite sunny that day and so the outside scenes wouldn't have been suitable for the actual real footage, since the mood is supposed to be quite depressing and the weather should link with the mood. If it does turn out to be sunny on all the days we are filming, Kristian has quite a lot of experience with editing so that it still looks dark outside, since this was the case for his film opening at AS-Level.

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