Thursday, 20 October 2016

MVid EG8: 30 Seconds To Mars - Up in the Air


With their 8 seconds long video, 30 Seconds To Mars, created quite an interesting set for their song Up In The Air. It is not the typical type of video with a narrative but more a music video with performance and other pictures that may have significance to the band.

Throughout the music video there isn't a narrative but more "random" pictures of a lot of different people such as a girl here on the left who is wearing a very simple grey strapless dress, with her hair up. The simplistic costumes pulls the focus on her colorful make-up and the background that included several small colorful dots. This is a reference to 30 Seconds To Mars
Digipak, which was probably done on purpose to establish a clear link between video and digipak in order to create a sense of branding. Also the name of their album is "Love Lust Faith + Dreams", which is what the 8 second long music video says with a female voice at around 30 seconds.

In the clip that I have screen recorded (see below), you can also see the fast paced sequence which was another element of this video that I really liked.

UPDATE I decided to include such a fast paced sequence in our music video for Throne. 

The color powder scene was something I immediately knew should be included in our music video, when I first saw this video. I have known this band for many years and seen this music video before, and so I decided to use this as another music video to analyse here on my blog. The color powder plays quite a big role in the music video and there is a big shot variety with close-up's, long-shots etc. 
This video is also the main inspiration for the color powder in our music video for Throne. 

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  1. Once more: needs specific illustration of points - and should have additional points made on the vid (by now, that should be v easy)
    Create a template for '...APPLY/INFLUENCES' heading and use it every time; the text (bullets/list of points) shouldn't be heading size


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