Tuesday, 11 October 2016

SR/KO/BV: Podcast 1

This is our first weekly podcast. During this year we will do a weekly podcast in which we will be discussing updates, new information and the upcoming events.


Hey guys this is our first weekly podcast in which we will be talking about what we did last week and what is on the schedule for the upcoming week.
My name is Kristian I have decided to join Bronwen and Sophie’s group as their idea was good and persuasive. I liked their idea and I think I can contribute well in terms of directing, editing and camera work on set.
Last week we held auditions for both the female protagonist and the 5 band members, which was recorded on our phones and you can now find it on our blogs.
For the upcoming week we will go location scouting on the 12th of October and then we will do a practice shoot with the cast and crew on Sunday the 16th of October, to see whether the location and cast work well together.  

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