Friday, 3 March 2017

Audience Feedback 7: Throne Rough Cut 8

For this particular cut we got feedback from several Year10 students, which you can see in the video below and we also got one of the Y13 students to look at the video (one of the band members/guitarist, to be exact) who saw the video for the first time.

These are some of the points they mentioned:
  • Age range 15/16-19/20
  • more effects that are darker 
  • more close-ups of the singer are needed
  • preferred reading anchored very well (Stuart Hall
  • secondary audience could be younger and the color would make the video appeal to both genders
  • Achieves verisimiltude because of the tattoos and the good lip-syncing  
  • Different colors are good because it gives a good contrast (binary opposition) to the darkness
  • clearer narrative - more couple shots 
  • Achieved verisimilitude through costumes of the band (matching clothes)
  • It was interesting during the entire video so I wanted to keep watching. 
  • Good special effects - Dream, made it look like a memory
The Year 13 student gave the following feedback:
  • music always synced well with the video 
  • When the beat dropped the footage went a bit faster, which signified the drop well/ when the song went slower the editing was past a bit slower 
  • good narrative footage, well played by the actors 
  • green screen was good, the background was really good with the colors because we put color powder/ink to life by using a green screen instead. 
  • Good use of technology. 
  • Overall really good video. 

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