Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Rough Cut 6: Throne


In this rough cut 6, I have changed a lot of things, which I will go through below.

Some of the audience feedback we got from our teacher was that there should be more narrative in the video, such as happy couple scenes. Another suggestion that was discussed was a diegetic outtro, because it is a good way to denote that the music video is over and is a good way to end it rather than just fading to black screen. Furthermore, our teacher mentioned that there should be some more fast paced editing towards the ending, which is what Kristian aims at doing after I have added all of the effects and layered onto the green screen etc. The other elements, such as the diegetic outtro we intend to film this week and cut and edit this week.

Some basic things I have changed include: better lip-syncing, more shots and changing the narrative so that there would be more scenes. However, my main focus of this draft has really been the green screen. After having used elements from Footage Crate, I realised that I had to sign up and pay monthly to get the very good color powder/ink videos. Therefore I decided to go for VFX videos from YouTube. You can read a detailed post about on my blog
I quickly discovered that it would be best to layer the leadsinger behind the color powder/ink but then changing the opacity of the ink because it would simply look better than if the leadsinger had been in front of the ink. I decided to make the green screen shots a bit longer than the usual ones, because the ink has such a nice effect and in my opinion it would be a shame for it to be on screen for less than a second. However, depending on the audience feedback I get from rough cut 2 draft 2, I might just clip the shots and split them by putting other shots in between, or I will make them shorter since fast-paced editing is also part of the genre specific convention of a metal core genre music video.
Due to the fact that it is a rock genre and not a pop genre music video, there shouldn't be too many different colors since that is a key element of the pop genre. However, in our music video we have challenged the convention by adding some different bright colors such as red, pink, purple and as you can see above a mixture of colors including green and blue also. 

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