Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Production Schedule UPDATE 7

This is the 7th update of the production schedule I created. It includes the tasks that we have completed so far, and the ones which are still to be completed. I always like to use color coding since it gives me a great overview of what still needs to be done. 
After last time it has changed quite a bit, since Kristian managed to edit the 2nd rough cut draft 1, but then his PC didn't work and so I kept on working on rough cut 2 draft 2 and will also do draft 3 and 4. Kristian will film some more narrative scenes on the 2nd of March, where he will film some more happy couple scenes, after we discovered our narrative wasn't clear enough and we needed more narrative footage in the video. Unfortunately Bronwen has been ill, and hasn't been able to edit anything yet, but will therefore instead work on the digipack, since the video should nearly be done once she comes back. 

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