Monday, 6 March 2017

BV: DIGIPAK: Inner Panels Final

This is the final Draft of the inner panels. 

I am happy with the result as I think that it:

-Fits well with the metal core genre

-Ties in very well with the rest of the digipak (front and Back Panels)

-Attractive to our target audience

I created this, like the rest of the digipak, using Adobe Photoshop CS5. 
I took this pink smoke effect  ( this can be seen on the screen recording for when I made the back cover as I used the same image) from our music video and removed the lead singer from it using the eraser tool. I duplicated the layer a couple of times and then re scaled it and transformed it in order to fill in some gaps. 

I also decreased the saturation a lot so that it would fit better. 

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