Thursday, 30 March 2017

BV: DIGIPAK: Complete Final Version

This is the final version of the digipakAfter getting feedback from my teacher, I have added the following details:

- I sharpened the opacity on the barcode to 100%. I did this because in every example I found, the barcode is sharp. 

- I added some bonus tracks to the track listing. As this is a compilation album, it is important to add new unreleased tracks or new versions of songs in order for there to be a reason to buy it, as all the other tracks are on previous albums. The names for these tracks are "BORN", "DIRT" and "THE FIELDS" I like these names as they fit in really with the other grungy titles of their songs, and therefore also fit well with the genre. 

-I made the "BMTH" on the spine a lot smaller and put it after the band name as this is much more common that it being before. I also added the SONY logos. and a catalogue number. 

- On the front cover, I added a sticker that says "Featuring 3 Exclusive New Tracks" as this will draw attention to the new content and therefore attract the audience to buy the Digipak. I did this in a dark bluey/grey colour as I wanted it to stand out from the black and white colour scheme but also flow well altogether as a whole. 

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