Saturday, 11 March 2017

Audience Feedback 9: Throne Rough Cut 10

Today, we had a special session in school, where we were able to show our newest rough cut to our teacher. I showed my latest version, which is rough cut 10 and got the following feedback:

  • Add some narrative scenes into the fast paced sequence in the middle of the track when the beat drops 
  • The layering of the band member in the happy couple scene at 1.15 minutes looks of, try to use a green screen shot instead of the performance shot from the woods for both layering shots
  • The protagonist should fall into the pool at 1.20 instead of 1.19 so that it is 100% cut to the beat
  • 1.27 minute when he beats his arm in the air should not come back up again during the same shot maybe later by splitting up the pool scene 
  • 1.38 layering behind the guy maybe band or narrative/ pool shot?
  • 1.41 again layering something different e.g. pool shot
  • 1.33 different shot the second time he stands with arms looking like cross e.g. pool OR slow-mo running
  • 2.09 balloons - take away balloons and put in pool shot
  • use the water take more than once in the slow sequence
  • dream effect is too much maybe try sepia/black white
  • connotation he is drowning he is dying and he is drowning in his own memories
  • more bass shot of drums
  • crosscutting of drum shots

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