Monday, 6 March 2017

KO: AUDIENCE: BBFC Music rating

BBFC stands for British Board of Film Classification. They choose the ratings for physical movies, online streaming movies and music videos. I will be discussing the ratings for Bring Me The Horizons music videos and how this effects our audience as well as how they decide on the ratings.

BBFC was responsible for the music video ratings for videos created by the big 3 music company's (Sony Music UK, Universal Music UK and Warner Music UK) and their release in the UK. Later on they also started ratings for Indie music videos.

Unlike movies that have 6 different age ratings music videos only have 3. They dont have the U, PG and R18 ratings for music videos as this is not necessary. The ratings appear on Vevo online and on YouTube.

 The BBFC get send music videos by record labels that will be released online in the UK,  and are expected to receive at least a 12 rating. The issues the BBFC consider in classifying music videos include:

  • Drug misuse
  • dangerous behavior presented as safe
  • bad language
  • sexual behavior and nudity
  • threatening behavior and violence
For more information about the BBFCs involvement in music videos you can click here.

BMTH ratings:

On the BBFC you can search for any content they may have been age rated. I searched for Bring Me The Horizon and got four hits. As you can see 3 videos got a rating of 15 and the othe video got a rating of 12. This brings me to believe that the other videos got a rating bellow 12. The fact that 3 videos got a 15 rating and one of them being a movie tells us that the Target Audience for BMTH are 15 and above. If their target audience where 12 then non of the videos would be 15.

However you could argue that because there is no way to stop a 12 year old watching a 15 age rated video the higher age rating might be motivating for a 12 year old to watch it. This could bring the secondary audience to be less then 15. But the movie which was filmed live at a concert was also given a 15 rating and to get into the concert would there would be guards to stop under-aged kids from entering.

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