Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 - The shift from a passive up to down model to a dynamic convergence between audience and producer. Interactivity enabled by convergence.

The idea of Web 3.0 is the dominance of UGC, that the audience now has become the dominant producer. 

What I would include in the exam:

Applying Stuart Hall's concept of a clear preferred reading was very difficult, since we were 3 members in our group. 

Dan Gillmor writes of "the former audience", suggesting that a passive audience is gone and that the audience now have "the tools to challenge traditional media and create media for themselves".

Through several hours spent with our audience, we gained a large variety of audience feedback, our audience ended up as playing the "producer" of our music video too. They had a great impact on what we changed in our music video. Some things they argued included bad lip-syncing, not achieving versimilitude. Lip-syncing is one of the common conventions of music videos and should therefore also achieve verisimilitude in a music video.

Another argument our audience brought up was that there should be a clearer narrative. At the beginning we had a fragmented narrative, which our audience argued was confusing, which then didn't bring the preferred reading (Stuart Hall) accross. They suggested we should have a linear narrative containing more footage. Hence, our audience feedback actually led to us having to do a re-shoot of our narrative. After having done that, we got the preferred reading from our audience that we wanted. Our narrative storyline follows a male protagonist who is depressed and drowning in his sorrows and that he used to be together and happy with a girl (our female protagonist). We have denoted this "happy couple" by having footage of them laughing together, hugging each other and cooking together and denoted him having sorrows, by filming him under water, which is an intertextual reference to the music video Runnin' by Naughty Boy ft. BeyoncĂ© . However, we also got this idea when brainstorming of what we should film and putting our storyboard and call sheet together. Andrew Goodwin argues that one of the 6 main features of a music video is a link between the visuals and the lyrics. This doesn't necessarily have to be there but comes accross nicely for the audience, because it is illustrative and allows them to relate to the male protagonist.

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