Friday, 10 March 2017

SR/BV: DIGIPAK: Back Cover Details

There are several things that have to be on the back cover and spine of the digipacks. These include the record label, the copyright symbol, the track list, the barcode, a QR code and even if necessary a parental advisory explicit content symbol.

Bronwen found a website called barcode generator, where she could create a barcode and a QR code. This was very useful since she was able to create a QR code that would immediately link to our website, when scanned on a smartphone for example. The website also allowed her to type in what she wanted under the barcode, so she typed the usual random numbers in that are under a barcode and added 4 big letters B, M, T, and H for Bring Me The Horizon, which gives it a little extra something, since it becomes more individualised to our own band. 

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