Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Inspiration: What we did


We have some intertextual references to several music videos, which we have gotten our inspiration from. One of them includes the reference to the color powder in the music video by the band 30 Seconds To Mars, track Up in the Air.

When I blogged on this music video back in October, I immediately knew that I really wanted us to include color powder in our music video's. At the beginning we wanted to have footage of 20 people running at each other and throw the color powder at each other, which they do in the Up In The Air music video.

However, we quickly discovered that it would be very hard to get so many people together, especially because the first throw we would only be able to film once in order for them not to have color powder on their whole body for the sake of continuity.
Therefore we decided to have the color powder thrown at the male protagonist, the drums and we might still throw it at some of the band members, because it has become so popular and we got a lot of good feedback for it in our audience feedback sessions.

Another intertextual reference is the one we have for our underwater pool scenes. This we got from two different music videos. One of the videos is by the band Panic at the Disco for their track This Is Gospel. Whereas the other video we were inspired from is the video by Naught Boy ft. Beyoncé for their track Runnin'.

These are images of the two different music videos. The 1st picture is from This is Gospel, where the leadsinger is under water. This was filmed inside a box. At the beginning we intended to film our underwater scenes in a bathtub like this (left). However here again we found out how difficult it would be, because it would be hard just to have a GoPro stuck in a small bathtub with the leadsinger and it wouldn't look half as good as if it was in "open waters".
This is when we came up with the idea for a pool, which we as mentioned above, got our inspiration for from the track Runnin'. We didn't have an open ocean around Luxembourg and it was not summer, but we did have a heated pool and could put some effects on it so that it would look more ominous than the usual light pool blue.

This is the result we ended up with. We filmed under water with the waterproof GoPro and were able to see it at the same time due to the advantage of the newer versions of the GoPro having a screen where you can see what you record. We got shots of the pool empty and the pool with our male protagonist in it and we think it worked really well and managed to connote the darkness of the lead singer and his dark thoughts and that he feels as if he is drowning in his own sorrows and thoughts.

Bronwen has a detailed post on the This Is Gospel video, whereas I created a post on Runnin'. In my post: reflection on pool shoot, you can read more about the intertextual reference.

Another intertextual reference in our music video is the one to Twenty-One Pilots track and music video for Ride (top right picture). We thought that it had a really nice natural effect when having the instruments outside, than having our band play in a normal studio with a green screen background.
Some challenges we faced in the woods included our re-shoot and the fact that it was really cold outside, since we were filming during January.
When doing the re-shoot, the instruments had to be placed on the exact same spot, for sake of continuity, and it was becoming really cold for our band members, because they were (most of them) only wearing T-Shirt and/or thin jumpers for mise-en-scene. So when we filmed someone like the drummer on his own or the keyboarder, or the drummer with bass guitar etc. the other's were sitting inside a car so that they wouldn't cool down entirely. Despite the challenges faced, we are very happy with the result, since a lot of the audience who watched it, like the fact that it was outside in the woods and were impressed with the fact that we had taken all of the instruments up there for the purpose of our music video.

A last intertextual reference we have in our music video is the one from the music video by Alt-J for their track Hunger of the Pine, which Kristian did a post on. In this music video there is a running sequence, which we also have in our music video. We liked the running sequence, since by using it in our music video we wanted to connote that our male protagonist is trying to run away from his problems and try to think about something else while running. We filmed this using a GoPro, an IPhone 6S for the slo-mo and the CANON 70D for the other long-shots.

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